Head Gravity Pro & MP 2021 Racquet Review – Anything new?

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Welcome to another review! This time I will review both the Gravity Pro and the Gravity MP from HEAD. This is the second release of the Gravity line-up with the first in 2019 and the second now in 2021. Just a heads up, there is nothing new with the Gravity Pro or MP just the paint job and nothing inside of the frame. So this is not a comparison between the old vs the new beacuse there is simply nothing changed in the racquet. Let’s continue, the Gravity line is made to create a bigger sweetspot and therefore has more forgiveness for a modern playstyle. The targeted player is very different from the Pro and MP. The Pro is more of a player’s racquet similar to a Prestige MP but more forgiving and the MP is more like a Radical in terms of playability but of course with a bigger sweetspot.

These two racquets are in the same range but they play very different because of their specifications. The MP has a thicker beam and a more open string pattern which allows for more power and spin, therefore it has a higher CPI index (Head power scale) as you can see below, the same CPI are applied for the 2021 models . So the MP is still a pretty contolled frame but not like the Pro model. The Pro is very controlled as mentioned at a CPI of 200, almost the lowest on the scale. It demands a lot more from the user compared to the MP so have that in mind before buying any of them.


Let’s start with the Pro model. I enjoyed the feel and response of this racquet, it’s not as normal with thin racquets with big head sizes so this was a new experience for me. I loved it from all areas of the court but more on the slice and serve. I’ve had a lot of troubles in the past serving with Gravity racquets but this issue has seem to disappear completely. It offers really great control for flatter hitting but I found it a bit unstable when I tried to rip it really flat and I didn’t feel comfortable doing it as often. Spin potential is as expected with an 18×20 string pattern so I would recommend to string it lower to get some great snap out of the stringbed.

All in all it was a good experience, I wouldn’t use this personally since I prefer smaller head sizes for my one handed backhand but for a two hander this would fit better in my opinion. To sum it up, great control, precision and big sweetspot for your two handed backhand.


This model could fit the same kind of player as the Pro but maybe for a teenager or at least someone with less experience and less force. If not it would need some lead to bump up the weight at least above 305 grams unstrung which would give this frame even more power. Compared to the Pro it offers less control and precision but compromises with spin and maneuverability instead. It has the same great feel, maybe a tad more muted since the beam is a bit thicker but then the string pattern is more open. I would need some more weight on this to make it playable for me, it is to unstable and they try to make up for this by making it more head heavy which help a bit but not enough for me.

Which should you go for?

It all depends on liking and what you want in a racquet. If you are comfortable generating pace and spin by yourself then the Pro will be a better choice. If you want some extra spin and power but still want to maintain control then the MP will be a great option. Remember what I said in the beginning: Pro = control like a Prestige, MP = versatile like a Radical.

Thanks for reading this review, comment if you got any question and watch the full video on YouTube. Please follow me on Instagram and subscribe on my YouTube channel and I’ll see you in my next post! Have a great day, bye!

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