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HEAD says YOU GOT THIS! DO YOU? Will the Boom racquet line-up make the Instinct line go extinct?

Welcome to another review here on Tennisrally! Today is a bit special, I will review a completely new racquet line-up from HEAD. This new racquet is called Boom and consists of a Pro, MP, Team and Team L version like many of their other racquet lines. Besides Graphene HEAD has started to use something called Auxetic which is a from of construction. The internal structure of the frame adapts depending on how you hit the shot (off center, hard, lose etc.) to give maximum feedback at impact.

In this playtest I had the racquet strung at 24kg or 53lbs with Head Lynx Tour. My racquet came in a bit lighter at 291g compared to the listed 295g. I did test the frame both in stock form and customized to give it a fair review. I added about 8-10 grams in total in the throat and some at 3 and 9 to make it overall heavier without changing the balance too much. As you can see in the list above the Boom MP has a CPI (Control Power Index, higher number=more power) of 600 which is the same as the Extreme MP and the Instinct MP. My guess is that the Boom series might replace the Instinct line with them being very similar, too me it doesn’t make sense to have both line-ups. HEAD already have a really wide range of racquets designed for different players compared to other big racquet brands.

The frame plays really solid in stock form and customized. I started of in stock form and really had no issues other than it being to light and “wippy”. It was solid despite the weight, I believe it had to do with the frame construction and size. Although it was solid there was no mass behind any of my shots, it was hard to get heavy serves and to get the ball to penetrate through to court like I want to. I decided to put on some lead as mentioned which totally changed the racquet. The wippy fast feeling and super easy access to top spin and maneuverability faded away. I had to get used to it again because the same racquet I had been hitting wasn’t there anymore. It definitely became better, more solid and way more pop and confidence behind every shot.

So it says the beam is 24mm. That will be at it’s widest point in the middle, at the bottom and at the top it is definitely thinner (around 22mm). This allows more flex and a different feedback compared to a constant beam of a Prestige, I would say it is quite similar to a Radical which has a 20-23-21mm beam. I really don’t understand why they’ve put a 295g weight on like they used to in the past instead of 300g which most updated racquets now have in the MP model. It doesn’t make much sense to me to go back to something that was odd to begin with. I would really like to the test Boom Pro, I think it sounds much nicer and something suited more for me.

So will the Boom series be the new Instinct? We will have to see I guess. The MP definitely have similar characteristics as the Instinct with a lot of easy power and spin. If this is the case and HEAD does switch them I think it’s a smart move, the Boom line-up is much wider with Pro-MP-Team-Team L giving many choices for the buyers.

Thank you for reading this review of the new racquet Boom from HEAD, I hope it was satisfying enough, if not please comment and I will answer as fast as I can. That was all for me and keep having an awesome day, bye! I would be even happier if you wanted to check out my Instagram and maybe also subscribe to my Youtube channel 


  1. Great review. Can you show me where you added the weight ? Send or post photos?
    I think it’s a good fit for me if I can add little weight. . Thanks!


    1. Thank you! I put about 8 grams of weight in total. 4 grams in total at 3 and 9 o’clock and 4 grams inside the throat of the racquet. I can’t upload pictures right now so I hope you understand 🙂


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