Head Graphene 360+ Speed Pro & MP Racquet Review

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Today I will be reviewing the new generation of Head Speed with their new SpiralFibers also known as Graphene 360+. I got to test the Speed Pro and MP which have different specs and playability. The Speed is endorsed (not used) by a lot of pro players on tour including Novak Djokovic. As Im writing this I haven’t yet seen Novak using the new paintjob but I assume he will do eventually. Head’s marketing catchphrase is ”Blink And You Miss It” hence the name Speed. The Pro and MP version is different and underneath you will see why (specifications lower down).

How does a Head Speed racquet play?

The Head Speed is indeed fast through the air, it’s not a total game changer but you will definitely notice it a bit. It’s harder for me to say what a Speed racquet is because I think the two frames I tried played very different in terms of power, control, precision and spin. Overall it’s for a player looking for controll and controllable power. The MP is for someone who is looking for a little bit more spin and power and the Pro version will give more precision and less spin and power. The Pro version is for more advanced players that can produce their own power compared to the MP that gives more power without much effort.


The Head Speed Pro, mostly used on the men’s ATP tour and not so much on the women’s WTA. The Pro version will provide with excellent controll and precision hence to the tight 18×20 string pattern. Compared to the MP it does have a lower launch angle but still pretty high compared to other 18×20 frames, it also comes with a lot less power and spin as mentioned before. The power level is simular to a Head Prestige Pro or a Head Radical Pro and therefore meant for a more advanced player. I use a eastern forehand grip and that’s why I had some trouble generating spin, so as long as you don’t uses a eastern forehand you will get more then enough spin out of it. Groundstrokes, serves and volleys were overall stable and precise, no trouble switching for any other Head racquets that I usually use.


The MP version is most commonly used on the WTA tour since it gives more power and spin (usually what women tend to play with). The open 16×19 pattern provides really good spin and power while still remaining controllable. Sometimes the ball tended to fly off the stringbed when I tried to go for harder flat shots. If you are used to something like a Babolat Pure Drive or simular, the transition to this frame won’t be hard since it’s kind off simular in terms of power and spin. The only thing I missed from the MP was precision, in the beginning I had a hard time hitting my targets before I made some adjustments. Otherwise nothing to complain on, compared to other low-medium powered racquets like the Radical Pro this will give you more power to handle.

Pro or MP? Summary

I think what you chose depends on what you like. Do you want a more powerful and spin friendly racquet or a more controlled and precise racquet? That is the big diffrences, stiffness is pretty much the same (pretty arm friendly). Do you want a powerful controll racquet? Or a precise and forgiving controll racquet? You decide and please leave a comment so I can help you to choose the right frame for you! Check out my Instagram and I’ll see you next time!


  1. Hello, I appreciate that you commented on your eastern forehand grip – so many reviewers leave out the grip’s impact when discussing the performance of a racquet but I think it’s important. I think they assume that everyone uses a semi-western. Like you, I also use an eastern forehand grip. I’m transitioning from an older frame with 360g weight and 360g swing weight, 97 sq inches and dense 18×20 pattern. Such a good racquet for me, but I’m starting to have some difficulty getting good wrist snap on serves with the heavy racquet as I age – 55 now. I tend to drive my forehand low and hard, and my backhand slice has some good bite to it. Would the 360+ speed pro and mp be frames I should get for demo or do you think I should look elsewhere? How did you do with the mp’s higher power and 16×19 pattern with your eastern forehand?


    1. Hi! Thank you for the respond and your input, I will think of that in the future. It sound to me that you like your current racquet but that it is a bit too heavy. You didn’t specify your model but from what I can read I think you’d like something like a prestige MP or similar. I think the Speed Pro might be too powerful but could be worth a try depending on your previous racquet. It was hard to control the power playing with the Speed MP, I strung it at 25 kilos and still and to try me best not to shoot too far ;), the best thing to do in that case is to try and generate as much topspin as possible.


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