Luxilon Alu Power – worth the money? String Review

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Today I will be reviewing the Luxilon Alu Power string, probably the most famous and used string in the world. But why is that the case? And what makes it so expensive and frequently used by the pro players?

Before we get into that we are going to look how the string is constructed. The classic Alu Power is a round monofilament polyester string but there are more options to choose between for example Alu Power Rough (textured) or Alu Power Soft. The string consists of Luxilon’s unique poly-ether-ether material and not the standard co-poly which pretty much every company uses. I can’t tell the difference but it’s simply not constructed in the same way. It could just be a marketing trick from Luxilon but how else should we describe why it’s so popular? The ALU in Alu Power stands for Aluminium which they use to enhance playability, control and power.

This string is used by 60% of the top 100 tour players in the world. I am sure that there are other strings that are great to, maybe not as good, but the fact that there is so much hype and respect for this brand and string makes us choose this just out of unaware. A lot of players don’t have time to test everything on the market and waste all their money on half-decent strings when there is a clear winner presented on the market. If money isn’t a problem then Luxilon should be the obvious choice becuase of their amazing reputation.

So how does this “amazing” string really play? It’s nothing special, there is no “wow moment” where you suddenly play like Federer. I wanted to try it myself because of all I’ve heard but I got a little disappointed actually, but then again, what should I expect? I thought it was a good string, I had nothing to complain on and I’ve used it for a couple of months now. It feels good, no to stiff and enough power for me but still enough control. Durability has been pretty good and it hasn’t snapped a lot, the crosses does dig in to the mains quite fast and hinder the mains to slide but it actually didn’t affect how it played that much because it still didn’t break. The tension maintenence was solid, I think you can do better but for me who restrings my racquets anyway I am not used to be playing with old strings which has lost tension. I had no need to restring after a month like I usually do but it still felt good to change them out.

So in conclusion Luxilon Alu Power is used because of its good reputation and credibility, you pay the price for a solid string that won’t disappoint. Maybe it’s a bit overpriced, but it’s still a good string and worth a try. My recommendation is to buy it when it’s on sale and not to pay over 300£ for a reel.

Thanks for reading this review about the famous Alu Power string and please comment if you have any questions and don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram for more content! Have a great day, bye

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