Tecnifibre TF40 305 (18×20) & 315 (16×19)

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New review of the newest racquet from Tecnifibre. Side by side comparison as well as an individual review. I hope you are as excited as me!

Thanks for tuning in on another review! It has been a while since I last posted so I am exciting to be at it again. In this post I will be reviewing as the title says, the new Tecnifibre TF40. Both the 305 (18×20) and the 315 (16×19). Before we jump into the review I have to give an extra thanks to Tennis Warehouse Europe for providing me these demo racquets to test. If you guys want to try them for yourself after reading this feel free to order a demo! (click here)

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First, let’s take a look at the specs down below to understand it better:

Both these variations comes in a 16×19 and a 18×20 string pattern. So there is a 305 with a 16×19 and the other way around. These two frames themselves are equal because they use the same model and layup. The diffrences are their individual specifications. I will start of by giving them a separate review and then compare towards the end of the post.

TF40 305 (18×20)

As for most cases I enjoyed playing with this racquet despite some minor issues of my own. This frame is a control orientated frame for a more advanced type of player. We can tell by the specs that the spin and power possibilities are limited. Therefore it is more of a classic/players racquet in my opinion. One thing that stood out when playing was the amount of dampening. Since these racquets are foam filled they will naturally have a bigger dampening capacity. This made the urge for a dampener slightly less and I actually forgot mine at times which I never do.

What I loved with this frame was the amount of control while at the same time not being to controlled. Despite having a 18×20 string pattern I could still get some decent spin and still get the ball to dip inside the lines. Although I would like more I reckon it was definitely enough. Another big feature with a dense pattern is the precision, I felt connected to the racquet and comfortable going for the lines.

I liked most of all there is to this frame. Biggest downside, and this is personal but. I don’t like the grip shape of Tecnifibre racquets. The shape is more rectangular so the different bevels aren’t the same size as I am used to and enjoy playing with. It got uncomfortable while hitting my one handed backhand and almost felt like the racquet was going to twist mid impact.

TF40 315 (16×19)

Again, as for the 305 this is to targeted to a more advanced player that can generate some power of their own. It is easier to use than the 305 so it could suit someone of an intermediate level as well. We can take everything I just said about the 305 (18×20) model and just change it slightly. Instead of a 18×20 pattern there is now a 16×19 pattern. This will enable a higher launch angle over the net, more pocketing, more access to spin and power and slightly less directional control. Control is still the main focus of this racquet. It’s just a little bit more forgiving while not causing any harm to the other characteristics.


When we take both of these racquets side by side there isn’t much to set them apart. They belong to the same racquet line so it would be odd if they weren’t extremely similar. The biggest differences I would say is the swingweight (SW) and string pattern. The pattern I’ve spoken about already, 18×20 is more controlled and 16×19 is more forgiving. The difference in swingweight often translates in to the difference in maneuverability. The 305 (18×20) has a higher SW but because of the lower static weight this results in a stable but not to heavy racquet. Same goes with the 315 (16×19) but the other way around.

If i forgot to mention something or if you have any questions make sure to ask me in the comments and I will answer you as fast as possible. That would be all for this review, don’t forget to watch the video review that includes some live gameplay and to check out my Instagram and YouTube channel! Have a great day, bye!

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