VT Advantec Cushion Grips Product Review

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In this review I will write some about the new cushion grip coming from VT Advantec with their revolutionary Anti-Vibe technology (read more about it here). I have previously reviewed other products from them which you can check out by clicking on these links: Leather Grip“Lead” Strips. I’ve tested this new grip on the exact same racquet (Head Extreme Tour “Prototype”) as in previous tests to make it as equal as possible.

From “VT Advantec Leather Grip – Why use a leather grip? Product Review“: The material used is called the VT Smart Layer and it is made by world class scientists, engineers and technologists. The results shown on the court was a cushioned impact with a more stable feel, consistent feel and a reduced level of effort that was still providing good power.

I found the same result as in the previous review, only becuase it is the same technology used. The only thing different is the outer material against my hand. I preffered this one over the leather grip since I use similar grips on my own racquets. I can’t say which is better, it is highly personal and depending on what feel you’d like. The technology works, it does what it says. Can I recommend it? Hard to say. I think it is again very personal. I didn’t enjoy it as much as I’ve heard others do. As I’ve mentioned before this can replace a dampener in terms of dampening but the main reason why I use a dampener is to remove the “ping” sound which this grip won’t do for you. By dampening I mean less vibration and not less touch etc.

Thank you for reading this short little review, I hope it was enough and keep having an awesome day, bye! I would be even happier if you wanted to check out my Instagram and maybe also subscribe to my Youtube channel 🙂

Here is the full video review on YouTube!

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