Yonex Vcore 95 2021 Racquet Review

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Welcome to this review of the Yonex Vcore 95! I think we will just dive right into the review right away. The Vcore racquet line-up from Yonex is created to optimize spin and speed in your shots. The 95 which I will be writing about today is not as focused on spin and power as with the other 98 and 100 sq.in versions. Some feel like this racquet is made for one handers since versions of it are used by Shapovalov and Wawrinka but under various paint jobs. I can agree on this that it feels very nice but it’s not better then if you would have a two handed backhand. This updated version have got some slight changes form the past version. The first is Flex Force which is a flexible type of graphite that allows the racquet to bend more or flex more on impact. Other then that they have changed the beam thickness so it will be slightly thicker and the RA will be a bit higher (2018: 62 RA, 2021: 64 RA)

Racquet specs:

  • Head size: 95 in² or 613 cm²
  • Length: 27 inches or 68.5 cm
  • Weight unstrung: 310 g or 10.9 oz
  • Weight strung: 326 g or 11.5 oz
  • Balance: 310 mm
  • Swingweight (strung): 323
  • String Pattern: 16/20
  • Beam Width: 21.5/22/21 mm
  • Stiffness: 64 RA
  • Power level:  Low
  • Strings: Head Lynx Tour and Solinco Hyper-G at 24kg or 53lbs

So how does this aerodynamic racquet play? Like the previous version I almost fell in love with the racquet at first contact with the ball. I feel like there is really great response from the stringbed and that it gives the ball a really great effect from the way I am hitting the ball. It is really spin friendly and extremely fast almost to fast through the air with the low balance point and aerodynamic beam. I would like to balance it up to around 32cm so the whippy feeling goes away a bit. In stock form it is really whippy, it can be fun in practice but I think that in the long term it won’t match my playstyle very well. It also lacks some plowthrough and stability in stock form and is therefore in need of some customization, mostly adding some weight in the hoop.

This whippy feel provided by the Vcore made the racquet very maneuverable and easy to save some points when they where in some tricky situations by using a lot of wrist. It’s not the “textbook” way to play the shot always but it makes it easier when you are a bit lazy or tired. Compared to the previous version this one is a bit more muted and stiffer but actually the comfort seems to be comparable. Too me they feel very alike still and there is not much separating the two version in terms of playability at all.

As mentioned I would like some more weight and plow, this was very noticable on serves and when my contact was a bit late. On serves it was harder to really get the ball down in to the court since there wasn’t much weight behind. Although it was very fast and really snapped away when hitting it lacked plowthrough to make the serve heavy and harder to return. Overall I enjoyed this test and was considering to switch but to me the string bed felt to lively and not the kind of response I personally like.

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