Dunlop CX 200 Tour 16×19 2021 Review + Comparison: Old vs New

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Hello and welcome to this racquet review of the new Dunlop CX 200 Tour 16×19 and comparison between this new model versus the older model. In this post I will do a small review of the racquet and compare it to the older version. The CX-line from Dunlop is all about control (CX= Control series), if control isn’t something you are looking for maybe check out their SX or FX line which is more directed to spin and power. There are two CX 200 Tour racquets, there’s this one and there’s the 18×20 which I’ve just reviewed aswell. Read that post for a shorter comparison between that frame.

I have used this older version of the CX 200 Tour 16×19 as my main racquet so I am familiar with it. As mentioned it’s very controlled, it has a mid-size head at 95 which therefore have a smaller sweetspot and demands a faster and better footwork. This is definitely an advanced racquet and suited for an experienced player who needs that extra control. It’s perfect for more touch-directed shots like volleys, serves and drop shots. More suited for an aggressive player who isn’t scared of the net rather than a pure baseliner.

As you can see this racquet has almost not even changed a bit from the previous version. The only small difference is the stiffness and swingweight which is barely. This new verison has as 318 swingweight instead of 317 and a 63 RA instead of a 64 RA. So the specs aren’t the big change here, other differences are the paintjob and the new technologies. I really like the new paintjob of the CX-line, I liked the previous too but side to side I like this new one much better. There are basically the same technologies left in the 2021 version but they have added one: the FlexBooster technology. This is a thin rubber material placed in the shaft of the frame that absorbs vibrations.

So the differences I felt was the fact that the 2021 version was a bit more muted, absorbed more shock which essentially is what Dunlop have changed with the frame. Since these two frames are basically the same still there’s not much to compare, Dunlop haven’t done much of a change and there is definitely not any reason to buy the new ones just because it’s new. All I can tell from this comparison is that FlexBooster works, it does absorb more vibrations. Don’t upgrade unless you really want too because it’s unnecessary simply because they play the exact same for me.

Thanks for reading this review, don’t forget to check out the 18×20 review. Please subscribe to my Youtube channel and follow me on Instagram. Have a great day, bye!

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