Functional Tennis Camera Mount Product Review

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Welcome to this review, today is a bit different because I am reviewing a camera mount. Yes, you heard it, a camera mount created especially for tennis recording. It’s created to be small and compact while offering great usage, just hang it on the fence or the net behind, start recording and you are ready to go. Quick setup, lightweight!

The product consists of 4 different parts. First up is the pole itself and the hook which is obviously used to hang the mount. The pole is extendable from up to 60-120 cm which makes it very versatile. Then we have two different mounts, one used for smart phones (it fits all models) and one used to mount GoPro’s or other action cameras with similar attachment. Remember both mounts can be used to recording at the same time if necessary.

I have used this mount for a while now, all my recent videos have been recorded using this and I am very satisfied. It does what is displayed and creates a really nice angle hard to replicate with a normal camera stand especially at this price (£50 + shipping). I’ve only used it on the back net of my court which can seem a little unstable when balls come flying and the whole mount shakes but if you know about it you can always correct it.

As mentioned it is very versatile and it’s not limited to be hanged on the back fence, you can hang it wherever you find creates a good angle for your recording. In the video you can see how different angles would look like from the middle, right and left. A quick mention is to use the front camera of the phone because it has better quality, it might be hard to see what you are recording but it’s worth it. You can also become a bit creative with you angles, in the video I found a basketball hoop on the side of the court and I thought it worked just fine.

That was all for this review, I hoped you enjoyed it and found the product as simple and smart as I did, don’t forget to subscribe on my YouTube channel and follow me on Instagram for even more content! Have a great day, bye!

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