Mayami String Review – Tour Hex, Big Spin, Magic Twist, Hepta Power, Hit Pro

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Mayami Strings is a fairly new company based in Ukraine who focuses on producing quality strings that will last. They say that their strings are designed to help you realize your dreams, take it as you’d like. They only make co-polyester strings for now at least and it’s at a very good price, you will definitely not be disappointed by that. To describe briefly they have 5 different strings which I have all tried. 5 options, 5 different targets. The five sections are control, power, comfort, spin and feel. Of course they all provide these each characteristics but one might be more specified as for example power. I will go through each string seperate from my least preferable to my most preferable and then come to my conclusion. All strings was tested at 24kg or 53lbs in my Pure Strike 18×20.

Tour Hex – Control

This was my least favourite simply because I didn’t enjoy the feeling out on court. This string has a hexagonal profile and a blue colour and is mainly focused on control. I am sure this is an exceptionaly good string for a lot of players but I just didn’t feel it, I think if I was to try this again I would go down one kilo in the crosses because I didn’t find enough power and depth on my shots. Otherwise great string and really high quality. This string has got a lot of positive feedback from other players.

Big Spin – Spin

You heard it right, this string is all about spin and mostly texture and bite on impact. It has a triangular shape but it doesn’t stop there, it’s also twisted. So a really rough texture enabling extreme spin on every shot, this means the string won’t snap back to it’s original place which I can find a bit annyoing. It does what it’s supposed to while offering decent comfort and an overall good playablity. I would place it higher on my list considering how it plays but I find the concept deceptive because I don’t think this is necessary. All credit to Mayami who tries to be innovative and believes in it.

Hepta Power – Power

I really liked this string, it’s probably tied with the Magic Twist but one had to climb up the ladder. This is a pretty classic type of string, simular to a RPM Blast or Tecnifibre Black Code. It has a heptagonal profile to provide some “extra” spin and bite, you can really swing freely and not worry about hitting long, the extra power and spin work great together. They claim that the Hepta Power is truly comfortable, I didn’t conclude in the same result. I thought it was on the stiffer side comparable to Lynx Tour almost. It might be softer then the RPM Blast but definitely not a comfortable polyester string, maybe a little better than average.

Magic Twist – Comfort

I actually didn’t have much time testing this, not even an entire practice session. My racquet cracked half way through so I had to switch racquets. The Magic Twist is a twisted string with a heptagonal profile used by ATP pro Illya Marchenko from Ukraine. Gladly I got some hits with it and actually found great results. I enjoyed this string very much because I had no trouble switching to it, no signs of pain and nothing to complain on. It’s really cool to find a string this good in so short time.

Hit Pro – Feel

This is for sure my favourite and I could tell right away after my first session. I’m used to playing with round polyester strings which this one is, so it fit right in my wheelhouse. I was really impressed with it’s ability to slide and snap back so easily, even on looser and slower hits I could hear the string moving. I need to be honest, I think I played the best tennis of my life the period I tested it. It might be the string, it might not but I will always remember the feeling while playing with the Hit Pro and remember how well I was playing. This could be a future switch for me, got to use all of my other strings first though. Great feel, control, spin and comfort.

None of the strings tested was showing any signs of early breakage or notching during the period they were being tested and no clear signs of bad tension maintenance. A great experience testing all these five strings from Mayami and remember to use my code TENNISRALLY on their website for a 10% discount!

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