VT Advantec Leather Grip – Why use a leather grip? Product Review

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Black, cool looking leather grip that also reduces the risk of injury? It has to be too good to be true, right? It’s VT Advanctec!

In this review I have tested the leather grip from VT Advantec which is a company who focuses on reducing vibrations in your racquet and does making it more comfortable. The science behind is that energy transfers to your arm, impact increases the effort of racquet control and vibration decreases stability during and after contact. The material used is called the VT Smart Layer and it is made by world class scientists, engineers and technologists. So if they’ve used this kind of resources it has to be good! The results shown on the court was a cushioned impact with a more stable feel, consistent feel and a reduced level of effort that was still providing good power.

By removing vibrations from the racquet it is supposed to be more arm-friendly and therefore it decreases the chance of injury. They say that vibrations are one of the main reasons you get tennis elbow so by eliminating vibrations you can prevent that from happening. They are also very clear that they don’t dampen the vibrations and the feel, they capture it and dissipate it through their Smart Layer tech.

So, does it work? YES! What I can feel is that it does work like they are saying. I don’t feel like the racquet got more dampen but it felt more comfortable. I used it on a Head Extreme Tour with a RA of about 65 and I had no trouble with any pain. A great leather grip, feels nice in your hands and it does what the marketing says. Note: If you live outside of the US it might get a little expensive but definitely worth a shot!

Pros and cons of using a leather grip:

  • Sharper bevels, easier to find right grip for some
  • Old school feel (depends on your preference)
  • Easy added weight
  • Sharp edges creating blisters
  • More expensive then regular grips
  • Adjusts the grip size (depending on what thickness you buy)

Watch to see the video review and how to install the grip!

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