Tecnifibre TFight 305 RS Racquet Review

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This is the review of the new Tecnfibre TFight 305 RS which is endorsed by Daniil Medvedev. This is one of the frames in the TFight-series and it’s the only one with a 18×19 string pattern, the others have a more open 16×19 string pattern. This means that the 305 is most controlled of them all and won’t give as much power and spin therefore targeted to a more advanced player. By having a more dense pattern it might fit a more attacking player and someone who can generate some spin by themselves because power is still no problem thanks to the thicker beam and higher stiffness rating (see specs down below).

Tech: RS Section (5 sided throat design) to keep the frame more stable at impact. There’s two different material technologies, first is the XTC (Xtreme Touch Construction) which is for stability and the second is the Dynacore HD which is for a softer feel.

Racquet specifications

  • Head size: 98 in² or 632 cm²
  • Length: 27 inches or 68.5 cm
  • Weight unstrung: 305 g or 10.7 oz
  • Weight strung: 323 g or 11.4 oz
  • Balance: 325 mm
  • Swingweight (strung): 333
  • String Pattern: 18/19
  • Beam Width: 23/23/22,5 mm
  • Stiffness: 67 RA
  • Power level:  Low-medium
  • Strings: Head Sonic Pro and Lynx Tour hybrid at 24kg (53-54lbs)


From the baseline this frame worked excellent for my game. I’ve always thought denser string patterns wasn’t anything for me but this Tecnifibre TFight 305 has changed my mind. It allowed me to hit really spinny shots that dipped into the court and at the same time I hit flatter then ever before but it felt unbelievably controlled. Of course it was hard to hit flat on lower balls but when it bounced up it felt really easy actually and my opponent had a tough time on the other side returning my shots.

Serves worked just fine, had some trouble at start to get some spin on my second serve because what I usually use offers more free spin without much acceleration and I’ve had some trouble with my lower back. But overall there was nothing to complain on there. The feel of this racquet on volleys where surprisingly good consider it’s a bit stiffer and thicker. I had no troubles aiming or finding great angles, actually I hit the best angled forehand I’ve ever hit in my entire life and it’s to bad that I can’t prove it 😀

This racquet suits an offensive player who enjoys coming forward to the net and finishing of points. Not a bad baseliner’s frame either but if that’s the case you’ll need a longer and faster swing in order to get some good rotation on the ball.

Thanks for reading this review and don’t forget to watch the video review aswell and recommend it to your friends! Check out my Instagram so you’ll never miss a review again and all the other great stuff I post! Have a great day, bye!

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