Benefits of an extended length tennis racquet

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Why should you use a extended racquet? Does it even do anything? I will go through everything!

In this post I will go through the benefits and disadvantages of using an extended length tennis racquet and what it really does to your game. The standard length of a racquet is 27 inches and what they usually do is extending the handle about 0,25-1 inches to make an ”extended racquet” (depends on what the player wants). So the racquet it self is just like any racquet, it’s just a longer handle. I got to try this extended Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18×20 that was customized by Ring&Roll and sent from

Dunlop CX 200 Tour 18×20 mini review. This racquet is control orientated racquet that is made for an attacking player who likes to use precision and control to dominate the point. It actually felt really good and I even bought the 16×19 version for my self (review coming later on that one). The specs are the following in stock form: 315g weight, 310mm balance, 27inch length, 18×20 string pattern and a head.

Specs of my racquet:

Pros and cons

  • Longer reach on serve, double handed backhand and low short balls
  • Increased power through higher swingweight
  • Higher swingweight without messing up the static weight
  • More plow through on contact
  • More arm friendly
  • Less maneuverable on pretty much all shots
  • Takes some time and training to get used to 100%

This racquet played very good and stable. As I wrote it takes some time to get used to, for me it took about 2-3 hours untill I was able to play normally without thinking of where I should place my self in relation to the ball. The two different shots I had most trouble with was my serve and volley. I had a hard time figuring out where I should place the racquet in order to hit the sweetspot perfect. After I figured it out it was no problem at all and I didn’t think about it more.

If you are a player that wants more plow through, power, reach and is willing to sacrifice some maneuverability for it then this will fit pretty good. I think you almost need to try for yourself before you decide but it’s defenitely a great choice and it’s totally worth to test it out!

Please comment if you got any more questions about extended length racquets! That’s all for this review and don’t forget to check out my Instagram and watch the video review of this post!

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