Luxilon LXN Smart String Review

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How can a string feel stiff at 22kg? The LXN Smart gives a unique blend of feel, touch and control at lower tensions!

Today I’m finally going to review the LXN Smart string from Luxilon. This string features a more developed Multi-Mono (M2) technology that you can see in other strings such as the Luxilon Element. In the desciption of the LNX Smart string it says that the fiber characteristics within in the string will change depending on your swing speed. It will be stiffening up on faster strokes giving a controlled feel like from a normal polyester string but it will also losen up and flex more on slower strokes for extra touch and feel almost like a multifilament string. It’s developed for stringing at lower tension, recommended tension is 20kg + or – 2kg. I strung my Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro at 22 kilos thinking this would be too low tension but actually ended up feeling almost to stiff for me. On faster strokes it felt like it was strung at around 25,5-26kg (56-57lbs) and slower it felt like 23-24kg (52-53lbs).

The LXN Smart plays like a stiff poly on hard and fast strokes and will losen up as I said on slower strokes. You will get the same benefits that you would get from a polyester based string and a multifilament string but of course in different scenarios and in different areas of the court. The tension maintenance isn’t over the moon but decent for being a poly. It offers decent control and playability of a polyester string but a stiffer poly will provide overall better control, spin and durability. The main thing that’s diffrent from your regular poly is the low tension which doesn’t appear much in my strokes and the more arm-friendly feel. This string is not made for an advanced player, it’s made for intermediate or maybe some club players who are looking to transition from a multi to a poly. One other great string to begin playing with polyester strings is the Tecnifibre HDMX (a hybrid setup in one string).

Another solid string from Luxilon, good string that offers everything you’ll need in one string, control, spin and okay durability. It’s nothing revolutionising, just good. Don’t forget to visit my Instagram and I hope you liked the review!

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