Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP Racquet Review

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This is the review of the Head Graphene 360 Extreme MP. This racquet is made for players using spin (most topspin) to dominate in matches like Rafael Nadal. This frame offer Head’s special Graphene 360 technology, spin grommets + a very open string pattern (wide 16/19). The Graphene 360 is the material the racquet is made of (all Head racquets are) that provides great stability at impact and better energy transfer compared to older versions of Graphene. The spin grommets will make the main strings move better on impact creating better snapback which results in more spin.

Racquet specs:

  • Head size: 100 sq.in or 645 cm2
  • Length: 27 inches or 69 cm
  • Weight unstrung: 300 g or 10,6 oz
  • Balance: 325 mm
  • String Pattern: 16/19
  • Beam Width: 23/26/21 mm
  • Stiffness: 63 RA
  • Power level: Medium

How does it play?

The Extreme MP plays really good down at the baseline. It creates great spin with much power without much effort. Before you want to buy this racquet, ask yourself this one question: Do I play with much topspin all the time and no flat balls? If your answer is yes you will love this frame from Head. If your answer is no, then I don’t suggest you should buy it. I loved hitting heavy topspin with it but sometimes I just want to rip of a really hard flat ball, but for me this was impossible. The ball would just end up flying too long all every time. It’s the same with serves, hitting flat serves worked okay but was hard to do. Just put a little side spin or kick and it wasn’t problem but I still missed hitting flat serves down the ”T”.

If you are a player that always hit much topspin on their forehand, backhand and serve this racquet will fit like a glove. The only time I could hit flat with the Extreme was on volleys, which felt really good and stable. Overall great racquet for attacking players using spin as their weapon to win. Thanks for reading this review, don’t forget to check my Instagram and I’ll see you next time!

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