Head Lynx Tour String Review

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This is a review of the Head Lynx Tour or should I say Head Experimental Tour that was released on January 17th just a week ago. This string has been under construction and testing for a long time and is finally out on the market. Their campaign name was Experimental Tour but was now released as Lynx Tour. Of course I got the package named Experimental as you might see in the picture but it’s the exact same string that’s in the stores right as we speak. This string is a co-poly and has got a hexagonal shape to it. That profile on the string provides excellent spin for an aggressive game. I strung it up in my new Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro (click here for review) at 25 kg (55 lbs).

How it played

The new Lynx Tour is not a ”copy” of the Lynx or Lynx Edge. It’s different so I don’t really understand why it got the same name. Anyways, it plays really nice for a co-poly and has really great snapback and a crisp feeling. Compared to Head Lynx it’s much more stiffer so I would recommend this in a hybrid as with pretty much all polyester strings (very bad for your arm).

A great string to put in a hybrid, to stiff for a full bed at least with a high tension (above 25 kg). It brings good snapback, I can hear it loud and clear when hitting heavy topspin. I totally recommend this string for more advanced players (tension and durability is average). For more updates be sure to follow my Instagram and I’ll see you in the next review!

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