Solinco Confidential 2.0 String Review

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This is a review of the new Solinco Confidential 2.0 string. I was lucky to get my hands on the new Confidential string when I bought a Practice Journal from Functional Tennis (review on the journal will come). The string is a shaped co-poly (pentagonal or hexagonal) which performs in between of a Hyper G and a Tour Bite said by Troy from TW. I haven’t tried those strings but I now how they play and I can surely agree. I strung it up in my Radical Pro at my regular 25 kg (55 lbs) and I think it worked out great, if you want you can maybe go down 1 kg or 2 for better snapback.

How it played

The Solinco Confidential 2.0 is a spin-friendly and controlled string because of it’s shaped form. As a baseliner myself I can approve this string to be as solid on groundstrokes as in serves. My serve and forehand is my best shots that I like to take an advantage with, so with this string I could do all that in just a couple of minutes after playing with it. It has a ”dead” feel, not as comfortable like a Head Lynx but still good enough I would say. I don’t recommend stringing this at high tensions in a stiff frame, if you are at least put a multifilament in the crosses or the mains to lose it up a bit.

This string is your average co-poly, great for hard hitting baseliners. One thing it does very good is absorbing shocks since it did feel very muted with my dampener on it. Great string from Solinco comming out soon I hope! That’s all for this string review and don’t forget to check out my Instagram.

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