Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro Racquet Review

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This is a review of the new Head Graphene 360+ Prestige Pro. The new prestige racquet skipped the previous Graphene 360 and went right into 360+ which means it got unique spiralfibers in the frame for a clean impact on the ball. This doesn’t mean it’s not a classic Prestige racquet because it does still have a classic feel thanks to some awesome features form Head. The Prestige Pro is made for more aggressive baseliners thanks to the 16×19 string pattern which makes it very spin-friendly. It has a 95 sq.in head so defending might not be the optimal choice with this frame, of course it still works just fine but not as good as other racquets. Current pro players endorsing the new Prestige line are Marin Čilić and Gilles Simon (just two of them).

Racquet specs:

  • Head size: 95 sq.in or 613 cm2
  • Length: 27 inches or 69 cm
  • Weight unstrung: 315 g or 11,1 oz
  • Balance: 315 mm or 8 Pts HL
  • String Pattern: 16/19
  • Beam Width: 22/22/22 mm
  • Stiffness: 65 RA
  • Power level: Low-Medium

The Head Prestige has been around for over 30 years! It might not be as popular like in the old days but it still holds up very well. I haven’t tried the Graphene Touch version but I have tried the Graphene XT version. The main diffrence between the XT and the 360+ is the comfort and stability. The 360+ is way more stable and much kinder to your arm on impact.

How it played

This new racquet is overall very stable and comfortable, I came switching from a Graphene 360 Radical Pro which is more stiff and has a bit lower launch angle than the Prestige. But on groundstrokes, serves and volleys they play simular except the Prestige rewards you better when hitting the sweetspot on full swings. So I had no problem switching to the Prestige, it might of taken like 1 hour and then I was ready to play matches with it.

Overall very stable and precise. It’s a good update that at least appeals to me and I hope others to. If you enjoy attack, want a stable and precise racquet then this is a perfect match for you. Don’t forget to check out my Instagram and i hope you’ll have a great day!

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