Tecnifibre HDMX String Review

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This is the first string review on my website and I hope you will enjoy it. Im reviewing a new string called HDMX from Tecnifibre as you see on the picture I got my hands on while it was on demo. This string features a HYBRID 3D technology which has all the benefits of a hybrid string-setup in just 1 string. They are calling the next gen HYBRID string technology. It includes 3 different materials so you will achieve comfort, power and control at the same time. 3 materials, 3 benefits in 1 string.

I strung it up at 25 kilos (my regular) in the new Head Gravity MP which is already very soft from the beginning so this string only made it softer. It felt great, I could really feel the hybrid technology. I got all the same benefits from when I use a regular hybrid. I usually use co-polyester strings and compared the HDMX it gave a much softer feel with great comfort but as you might expect, less spin and control.

Groundstrokes: Hitting groundstrokes with the HDMX was extremely comfortable. I got to play my own game without problems. In some rare cases I hit to long because the lack of spin I didn’t get. But for the person who loves hitting that flat forehand down the line this is a perfect match. I still think the HDMX brings a little more control then a regular hybrid if you’re in to that.

Volley: Really nice, very comfortable as I said earlier. I think every shot with this string was comfy. No troubles hitting nice angles, down the line or anything. You had nice control with the ball pocketing since it’s a little bit softer than a polyester string.

Serve: Serving that flat ball towards the line was super easy with the HDMX. Great power, great precision and great comfort. I had some trouble hitting my kick serve since I didn’t get that spin I usually get with my strings but I figured it out so it wouldn’t land long anymore. All it takes is some practice.

Overall this is a great string that offers every benefit that a hybrid will offer you. So if you’re a hybrid user, why not give it a try? Thanks for reading this string review and be sure to follow me for the latest news and reviews!

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