Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro Racquet Review

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This is a review of the Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro which is the updated version of the Graphene Touch model. The radical line gives you a great blend of power, spin, control, accuracy and the Pro model is the heaviest of them all.

Racquet specs:

  • Head size: 98 sq. in or 630 cm2
  • Length: 27 inches or 685 mm
  • Weight unstrung: 10.9 oz or 310 g (Strung, 11.4 oz or 323 g)
  • Balance: 1 Pts. Head light or 315 mm
  • String Pattern: 16/19
  • Beam Width: 20/23/21. Flex: 68. Power level: Low-Medium
  • Swing Weight: 326

Play level: Intermediate-Advanced

When I first got to hit with this racquet I felt compared to the old Graphene Touch that this was way more solid thanks to the Graphene 360.

Groundstrokes: Really good control and great access to spin. I felt confident hitting with it and I could aim for my targets without any issue. When missing the sweetspot the pace will go down but I didn’t feel that the ball would fly out of the court. When I didn’t play confident and got a little layed back I did not get much out of the racquet, that’s why it’s a more advanced racquet. I had to generate much power myself.

Volley: It feels solid but when I miss the sweetspot the ball almost dies and ends up on my side of the net, so you need to focus on the ball. I could hit deep into the court and also some short angles without any problem.

Serve: At first I shot a little bit to long every time but when I fixed that with a little snap with my wrist all was good. Solid serves, easy to put spin on it and no problem hitting my targets. And there was no problem hitting the sweetspot for me on the serves.

This is my go to racquet at the moment so I don’t have much negative to say about it. It’s a great racquet with great control, spin and precision (great blend). Hope you enjoyed this review of the Head Graphene 360 Radical Pro, see you next time on Tennisrally.net!

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